He counts the stars and calls them all by name
Psalm 147:7

How significant are the stars in the sky that He has given them all a


He leaves out no detail. His work is so complex and amazing that it leaves us with no words but in a state of amazement. That is our God!

Let us celebrates the mighty power and infinite understanding of God who “counts the number of the stars” and “calls them all by name” (Ps 147:4). Yet the Lord of all is interested in our lives, the Creator of the universe is not a remote or uncaring, but a loving heavenly Father who “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Ps 147:3). “The Lord lifts up the humble” (Ps 147:6) and “His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of a man, but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love” (Ps 147:11).

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