“What is impossible with man is possible with God”
Luke 18:27

Life can be disappointing and painful sometimes, especially when those we love or look up to hurt us or reject us at a very unexpected point in life. The journey of life which seemed so happy and full of people can take an absolute U-turn and then all seems to be lost, and you may find yourself standing alone.

With so many thoughts running through your head, you keep wondering who was responsible and why did things happen the way it happened. In the end, you are hurt and the other person involved is also hurt.

Lives are broken, hearts are in pain and our souls are downcast.

Restoring a broken relationship is hard and taxing when you have to do it alone. Building the bridge again can seem impossible and way too much for you to take. But take courage, friend. The Bible says in Luke 18:27 “What is impossible with man is possible with God”. This can be applied to our relationships and personal lives too. God can help you build that bridge again. God can restore that relationship again. He strengthens and enables those who depend on Him. Remember who you are in Christ!

Break down those walls,
Why let love and peace go!
Put on a smile,
Why frown and groan!
Tell them you need them,
Why stand alone!
Take the step, extend a hand
Why keep to yourself
and not budge like a stone!
Choose to forgive and pay them a visit
Why hold it all in
and say you can’t take it!
I know it is hard –
that extra mile, the first step,
the moment when eyes meet
and words fall short.
Your heart is racing,
fear grips, emotions well up inside
the outcome is unknown, hard to imagine.
But let that not stop you
from doing what you have to do.
Remember Jesus lives in you.
The Almighty, strong and powerful
yet kind and humble
will show you the way on that day.
His smile will become your smile
His heart will become your heart
His hands will become your hands
His words will come out from your mouth.
So be at ease and let Him lead.
Live, laugh and love – it is a big deal

-Robby Mathew